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Reasons why we are the best law firm

Customers know of our unique legal strengths, our ability to effectively advocate difficult and complex cases, and they feel satisfied when working with us

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Law firm

Athens Law firm is a leading full-service law firm made up of experienced, talented and highly skilled lawyers.


The lawyers is knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to communicate with.

“The attorneys are very patient to keep explaining to our client’s inquires”


You will find our client's frequent questions


Lawyers represent you in litigation cases.

Team members are outstanding lawyers who are famous for handling tough cases for clients. They always give well-organized and thorough advice for clients.

Practive Areas

The fields on which we have given

We handles a wide variety of cases in practice areas we have given with many knowledgeable dedicated trial attorneys who have litigated thousands cases.


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    We've achieved many national awards

    With quality service and responsible attorneys, we have had the best overall performance in most of practice areas we have covered in the last five years

    About company

    Our founders left their former firm to start their own partnership. At the first time, our company focused on handling litigation cases about business. As the firm’s reputation were growing, the firm hired several associates.

    “In 20 years since the firm’s founding, Athens grew steadily, hiring some of the best and brightest associates and staff to meet LGC’s expanding client needs”

    At the present, we are expanding our practice areas with 6 primary fields.


    Our attorneys are the best around who are highly skilled

    Good Reputation

    We are a well-known law firm in 50 nations and territories

    Employment & labor law

    We had 20 years of experience in handling tough cases

    Free Consultation

    You will receive consultancy without paying any fee

    Quick & Positive Result

    We reached success in even complex litigation cases

    Good Resources

    We have a huge resource of database and document

    Affordable Fees

    Clients will be receive the best services at a reasonable fee

    Talent Leaders

    Our leaders are famous for dealing with complex cases

    Awards and Honors

    We've achieved many national awards for our success and effort

    Firm of The Year

    Firm of The Year


    Outstanding Law Firm

    Outstanding Law Firm


    Client Service excellence

    Client Service excellence


    Finance Law Firm

    Finance Law Firm


    Top Law Firm of Year

    Top Law Firm of Year


    Best legal firm

    Best legal firm


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